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Our Small Galley Kitchen Update

This was less of a renovation and more of a re-facing of our galley kitchen in our Beach House. I’m not sure the sweat and tears that went into this project translate in the photos as now it looks like it was an easy and breezy transition. When we moved in to our new place in April I knew I wanted to make the kitchen more us but I had a small budget and wanted to salvage as much of the current kitchen as possible. Renovations to me are a balance of considering the budget versus the dream design while also trying to avoid the wasteful aspects of construction.

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Thinking About Small Kitchens

I spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming about small kitchens. I have a pinterest board (here) where I save small kitchens that inspire me and I’ve written previously (here) about my main issue with our current kitchen layout . I’m forever thinking about what works in our kitchen and what doesn’t. In possible future small spaces we have considered moving to

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