In our 600sqft apartment. Photo by Gillian Stevens.

In our 600sqft apartment. Photo by Gillian Stevens.

We loved our city. We loved walking everywhere. We loved our street with coffee shops, stores and restaurants. And we loved our 600 square foot 1 bedroom apartment with high ceilings and big windows.

Then we had a baby….and another baby…

And everyone said we had to move…. but we didn’t. And 7 (!!) years later this 1 bedroom apartment taught us so much about what really matters and that less is truly more. We have recently moved and added slightly to our square footage to a 1 bedroom and Den apartment for our family of 4. But we have taken the lessons from the last 7.5 years with us to our new space. Doing our best to live small, thoughtfully and sustainably in the city with our two kids.

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