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Small House Hunting: A 2020 Update

Well I just went down a rabbit hole in my own blog. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?! I was trying to find what I had written about our hunt for a 2 bedroom apartment. I had lost track of when I had started actively looking and I wanted to compare what I was initially looking for versus what I am looking for now. Well I ended up stumbling upon all your encouraging, honest and heartfelt comments on THIS POST. Phew, if you want to feel less alone in your small space journey I recommend reading those comments.

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Small Home Tours: Nucci and Family of 4 in just over 400 square feet!

I’m so pleased to have a new Small Home Tour to share with you today. Taking the time to take photos of your home and share the personal details of how you make it work in your small space is an effort in normal circumstances….doing this during a pandemic is almost heroic! So thank you, Nucci of @our_simplestory. It’s an impressive feat to make under 500 square feet work for a family of four.

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