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Small Entryway: Lessons Learned

Living in a small apartment with growing kids, I have come to the conclusion that a functioning entryway is one of the most critical elements to keeping my sanity. As I search for our next apartment I have a list of requirements and a useable entryway is very high on that list. I am always willing to get creative and build something custom but there a few key elements I need to have space for.

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Custom Entry Way Closets to Buy Us Some More Time in Our One Bedroom Apartment

So we basically live on a boat now, ha! Not really but we added custom closets to our front entry recently and suddenly it feels like every wall in our space is a secret cabinet of some kind. I am completely in love with them. The closets have been an idea in my head for a couple years and I’m not sure what finally made me convince Trevor that I thought it was worth the expense.

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