Small Space Furniture Round Up: Plug-in Pendants

Lots of spaces don’t have enough lighting. And while I don’t love a pot light, I do love a soft glowing pendant. It can be a great way to add light and warmth to a space. And if you don’t have a spot to wire in a light you can use a plug-in pendant and use a ceiling hook to swoop it to the area you want to light.

Some great places to use a pendant light are over a dining room table, in a kids room, a bedroom, a corner of the living room. I used a plug-in pendant in the previous kids room that had no overhead lights and today in our bedroom that only has one small overhead light that doesn’t fill the room.

And don’t forget that lighting can be art! A lovely light can really pull a whole space together.

Plug in pendant with an Ikea cord and a Hay lampshade in the kids’ room.

First - the cord set

The cord is up to your discretion. It depends a bit on how long you need it to be and what material you prefer. The most affordable option is the IKEA Strala. Though it only fits a smaller bulb. Or alternatively the IKEA Havsris but the cord is not quite as nice. Etsy also has many options but make sure they are for a North American plug. Or customize exactly what you want with

Also don’t forget a hook to swag the light over to be centered over your table or reach the perfect corner. Elevating with a hook like this can be a nice addition.

Then - The pendant

Think a bit about what you want the light to do. Do you want a large glowing light that fills the room or a smaller directional light to focus on one area?

I don’t feel you can go wrong with a paper globe. Some favourites include…

I love the quality of Hay Rice Paper Globes. Use with whatever plug-in cord set you prefer. I have the small round in the kids room. And the Large round is comparable to the size in our bedroom. (Photo courtesy of Hay)

Here is a referral code for 15% off your first order.

Some of the most beautiful sculputal lights in the world. I think if I had to choose it would be the 26A but they are all so stunning and come with a plug in option! (Photo courtesy of

More of an investment but these beautiful handmade shades add warm and organic feeling to a space. Various sizes and pricepoints. (photo courtesy of Twenty one Tonnes)

EQ3 Custom Pendant

Comes in a dome light or this pleated cone (above). I like that the cord set is so solid and can be reused in other ways like a wall sconce or even with a paper globe.

I like the flexibility of this light and how it can be a sconce or a pendant or a table lamp. Also cute cord colours. (photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

A few other ideas is that you could find a secondhand or vintage pendant you love and have an electrician change it to a plug-in.

I’ve also been tempted to write some local made-to-order lighting companies and ask if they would provide one of their pendants with a plug instead of hardwired. Can’t hurt to ask!

Hope this helps you look at lighting your space differently. I find the hardest thing for me is not wanting to swap out my light fixtures constantly and stick with what I have and love.

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