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Small Home Tours: Katie of A Dutch Life's 1000 square foot Home for a Family of 5

Recently I sent out a call for those open to share their small homes on I was overwhelmed by the response and your willingness to share. Looking forward to sharing some more small homes in the future. I couldn’t be happier to begin these home tours with Katie of @adutchlife and her beautiful 1000 square foot home she shares with her husband and 3 kids.

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Most Asked Question: When will we move out of 600sqft?

More than any other question I get asked about our life, online or otherwise is... "when will we move out of 600 square feet?" or "what will we do when the kid's are older?".   The funny part is, it's the same question we've gotten since we first mentioned that we were thinking about having kids. We MUST move out of our 1 bedroom city apartment! Before the baby is born, before I get pregnant again, before baby 2 arrives.... before, before, before.

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Searching For Joy in Small Living

In my twenties I defined myself by what I didn't like. And man there were plenty of things I didn't like. I had an opinion about everything (and I still do, some days). Somehow I thought this made me discerning and a tastemaker of sorts but when I look back I realize that it was just a survival tactic I created out of fear and insecurity

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