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WFH in a Small Space

A common theme that has been coming up in my Small Space Consults is most people’s current reality of one or both parents working from home. Adding a desk whether it’s used full or part time in a small space is often a challenge. Add in a pandemic and a lack of school and childcare and we all know that is an almost impossible situation. Parents have been super heroes these past few months and it seems that this trend of working from home is going to continue as far as any of us can tell.

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Playdates: Navigating Them Without Being Embarrassed By Your Small Space

Recently the subject of playdates, new friends and new schools came up, in particular about how to deal with nervousness over introducing your small space to new friends or strangers. I’ve been there! And as Theo has recently entered Kindergarten and is making new friends everyday,

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Questions Answered: Realities of Living with a Wall Bed

I received some thoughtful emails from readers over the holidays asking very specific questions about living with wall beds. While I feel that I have written extensively about wall beds, turns out I have missed some important realities. With their permission, below are some insightful questions and my corresponding answers .

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