A Chair For Baby

In less than 2 weeks I've already noticed many differences and similarities between Mae and Theo.  I'm sure there will be many more to come as we get to know our baby girl.  One thing I agonized over before she arrived is what baby chair to use.  I convinced myself that I couldn't be blessed with two babies that like the Nuna Leaf. The Nuna Leaf is not electronic and only uses gravity to softly swing baby for a minute or two with a push.  We found Theo loved the chair for sitting upright and observing people, as well as for naps.  After Theo outgrew it, I lent the chair to a couple of friends who found their babies didn't prefer it so I was sure baby girl wouldn't either.  I was so sure, I borrowed an electronic rocking chair from a friend and even considered buying a baby bjorn bouncer.  Well, luckily she loves the Leaf and has been happily sitting and napping in it since we came home from the hospital.

As you know, we only have room for very few baby items in our home so the ones we have must work and not be hard on the eyes.  The Nuna is that for us.  I can carry it into the bathroom when I need to take a shower or tuck it away in the kid's bedroom when I don't need it.  An added benefit is that it can handle Theo's weight so when baby isn't using it, he can.  This feature is appreciated so I don't have to worry about him breaking the baby chair when I'm not looking. While he is extra sweet and loving towards his sister there have been some outbursts and bad behaviour at times so everything in his path is at risk... flimsy or easily breakable baby gear beware!

{Note: The public health nurse stopped by and advised me not to have baby lay on a sheepskin or sleep unattended in the Baby Chair.  In a small space we always have our eyes on her so not to worry.}