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Small Home Tour (Mini): Alyshia and a closet nursery in 640 square feet

In the midst of everything that is going on in the world we are taking it back to basics here on, back to where it all started… how to have a baby in a small apartment. Today I am sharing a Vancouver couple who have created a clever and adorable sleeping nook for their baby in their small one bedroom apartment.

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Looking back on surviving the toughest season of parenthood in our small space

I revisited this post recently, horribly titled Transforming Our Space…Again after receiving a few messages and talking to some wonderful people about adding a second baby to a small space. I’m going to re-share the post below but first I’m going to share my thoughts on it now that I have the benefit of hindsight.

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The Edited Baby Registry 2019

I always hesitate to claim that anything is minimalist, as I believe minimalism is so personal, but we live in a world where you are bombarded with baby products that you "need" and I believe that lack of space for baby gear is one of the main reasons people leave their small spaces. So instead of claiming this is a "minimalist" list of baby items, let's call it "edited".

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