Fewer Things: Holiday Gifts for Kids


I think we can all agree that the Holiday season is going to feel a bit different this year, whether it is smaller family gatherings, no parties or challenges shopping. But instead of dwelling on what we can’t have, I want to focus on the positives. I think this year is a great opportunity to make a shift away from tons of gifts and a move toward less consumption and more thoughtful local and sustainably focused gifts. Starting early and shopping locally to support your local small businesses that make up your community can have lasting change in your neighborhood.

I wrote this letter a couple years ago to share with your families promoting fewer gifts. I hope that more people will be receptive to fewer gifts this year. Normally I would recommend experiences over things but that can be a bit challenging as health regulations are constantly changing depending on your region. I would still recommend experiences if you can manage it. Also gift cards for consumables are a great gift even for kids. Theo was once gifted a gift card to our local ice cream shop and he was so proud to take the family out for ice cream.

I would also recommend sending a list of favourite small shops you would like to support. I think we can all agree that we want our local shops to be able to survive this time. If we all plan ahead and spend our money wisely we might be able to make a difference.

Collage Collage - art supplies, craft kits, books, online art classes
Petits Vilains - best kids clothes, socks
Simply Merino - PJ’s, Underlayers
Smalllotco - Hats, Shoes + Baskets
Dilly Dally - Toys

Here’s a list of some of the toys that have stood the test of time in our home.

LEGO (and still loving our new BYGGLEK boxes)
Magnet Blocks/Tiles
Dress up/Costumes/Play Silks
Doll House
Mini Trampoline (for that one loooong winter)
Art Supplies
Hot Wheels
Bubble Machine (for outdoors)

Here is a round up but not exhaustive list of some of our favourite hardcover books. Theo (7) has moved on to graphic novels that we are still discovering favourites and just happy he is reading independently. I am not linking to these books as I have been making a methodical effort to remove Amazon links from my site (it’s a work in progress and is taking time) and would encourage you to source these wonderful titles from your local bookshop.

Favourite Books

Women Artists A-Z By Melanie Lebarge + Caroline Corrigan
Home by Carson Ellis
Today by Julie Morstad
When I was Small by Sarah O’Leary + Julie Morstad
Little you by Richard Van Camp + Julie Flett
A Book About Racism by Jelani Memory
The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers
The Boy the Mole the Fox and the Horse by Charley Mackesy
I Want my Hat Back (series) by Jon Klassen
Bravery Magazine

(Bookshelves are IKEA FLISAT)