The Great Dining Table Search 2015


We want a narrow 4 seater table that grows to seat 6 or 8. I’m leaning towards lighter wood like white oak to keep the space light but add warmth and also because our living room is a little teak heavy ! I also want narrow legs to allow as much light and space as possible to give the appearance of more room.

Click through for my top picks:

Saw this one in person, the mechanism is so smooth you can move it with one finger. Unfortunately it’s too wide for our space (devastating).

BoConcept // Milano Table (link here)


Like this one but again too wide… and the walnut is probably too dark for our apartment.

West Elm // Parker Dining Table (link here)


This one is definitely in the running but want to see it in person, as I can’t quite figure out from the photos how the leaves work and the exact colour of the wood.

Gus Modern // Portage Table (link here)


This table is perfect for us… the unattainable 30” wide extending table in white oak. Please ship to Canada!! Call me ;)

Habitat UK // Ruskin II (link here)


Also hunting on ebay, craigslist and the internets at large…. if you have any tips please send me a note!