Something Has To Give


One thing we have been missing since we moved in over 5 years ago, much before we ever met Theodore, is a dining table. I am not the best cook but we love to have friends over and entertain. While our friends and family are wonderfully flexible and sit on the couch or the floor or perch on a barstool we always wished we could offer a proper chair and table.

We have a kitchen island with 2 barstools that has served us well. The Phil and Ted’s Lobster (link here) has been a great small space saver for Theo’s meals but as Theo gets bigger and more aware we have realized that it would be really nice to be able to sit down to a meal together.

So we have decided the island needs to go and we are on the hunt for an expanding dining table! With anything in a small space compromises must be made. Our island is great for prepping meals and great for storage. This means we need to edit our kitchen appliances and dishes again and maybe sit while prepping sometimes. But hopefully a new dining table will mean our tiny family can sit down to dinner together regularly and host some (seated) dinner parties in the near future!

Please indulge me while I hunt for the perfect table and chairs :).