Electronics in a Small Space


Part of what helps our small space work are a few key electronics.  I am not very techy but my husband Trevor is pretty savvy so I basically follow his lead.  It always takes some convincing to get me to add anything technology related into our space but there are a few items I have come to appreciate and rely on.  Most importantly these pieces take up less space than traditional electronics.

Roomba - We have a robot vacuum (link here).  Our apartment is all bamboo floors and one level so a Roomba is perfect.  We turn it on when we leave and it saves the trouble of vacuuming. He lives under our teak sideboard ( yes it’s a he and Theo is rightfully wary of him)

AirPort Express - This little box (link here) helps us play Netflix and other movies on our TV, and play music on our speaker on the other side of the room.  I have no idea how it works, (bluetooth??) but what I do know is we have a lot less wires in our house and one tiny slim remote.