The Bed Update


We have had our murphy bed/wall bed for almost a year now and it seems funny now how scary it was at the time to give up our bedroom and install a bed in our living room.  We had so many worries…. 

Would it be comfortable? Would the light from the street shine in the windows so we wouldn’t be able to sleep?  Would we miss our bedroom? Would we be too lazy and never put it away?  Would it look weird having a bed in our living room?

The answer to all these questions, is no. This bed that folds up into the wall now seems like part of our life and the best answer to our dilemma of how to stay in the city with a baby.  It gave us our evenings back, let’s us entertain friends and family at night and enjoy everything this city has to offer without a commute or mortgage above our means.

Theo at 1.5 years old, now helps every morning, by passing us the straps to tie down the bedding and to push the bed into the wall.  He loooves to help.  It doesn’t hurt that moving the bed out of the way clears up the soft rug where he does most of his playing.

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