I think that sometimes parenting is about sticking to your guns no matter how tired or overwhelmed you might feel. Our current example of this is Trevor and I promising ourselves and each other that we would take one more long flight trip with Theo before he is 2 (noooooo!!!! It can’t be possible that he is almost 2??!!!!) and still flies for FREE!  We love to travel and it is one of the reasons we stay in our small space, so we can afford to get away more often for long weekends or extended trips.  So, here we find ourselves with the days ticking by until August 2nd with nothing holding us back from fulfilling our promise but the relentlessness of daily life; both of us working full-time demanding jobs, daycare, trying to maintain friendships, and get outside with a very busy toddler.  Life is not going to stop for us, and by all accounts by more seasoned parents than us, it never really slows down.  

So we are going to stop, and book a trip. A trip with a BUSY toddler who leaves us constantly laughing and completely exhausted all at once.  We have found in the past, we are happiest when we travel near the ocean with a small city nearby with great food and a new culture we haven’t experienced, so that’s what we are looking for.

We are dreaming of….

Lisbon, Portugal

Greek Islands

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bali, Indonesia

And now that I have written this here we are committed.  I’ll let you know where the final destination ends up!

Photo Source // 20x200 by Christian Chaize