Closet Case


Ugh, Closets. Closets are a constant challenge in our small space. On the one hand I am so grateful to hide mess behind closed doors, but on the other hand  managing what goes in and out in precious space can feel like a full-time job.  I find I am regularly pulling all the items out and resorting and reassessing the value and importance of items and putting 3/4′s of the items back to do it again 3 months later.  Especially with baby/toddler clothes, there is no avoiding this reassessment as Theo quickly grows out of clothes that he’s barely worn.

Here is Theo’s closet, converted from a former Home Office, some things are working well, some are a work in progress.

What’s working:

The Door Pockets (link here)  - stores shirts and accessories for easy accessibility and provides extra storage in an otherwise small closet.

Hanging Clothes - Little clothes don’t need a lot of space so we added shelves underneath to add extra storage for folded clothes.

Storage Baskets (similar here)- One for shirts that are currently too big, one for washcloths and one for medicine, creams, tinctures and various survival items for babies.

Laundry Basket  (link here) - this basket has a plastic lining that is great for dirty clothes.  It’s a nice size that holds it’s shape.

What’s not working:

Blanket Storage - We have too many blankets that I have trouble letting go of.  Most were lovely thoughtful gifts and this makes it hard to donate.

Shoes - Kids go through shoes so quickly! We have shoes we have purchased, hand-me-down shoes and outgrown shoes and I feel like we are drowning in them sometimes.  I would like to find an alternative storage location.

Electronics - This closet (our former “office”) also doubles as our wifi connection location with our Apple Airport Express. This is not ideal but most things in a small space need to do double or triple duty.