Clear Eyes Full Hearts


Sooo… we are doing something we have talked about for awhile now but haven’t quite had the guts to do.  We are getting rid of our TV!  

We are losing our TV for a few reasons…

1) We have been doing our best to not allow Theo to watch TV until he is 2.  And I say this with NO judgement to other parents who do let their kids watch TV.  We have just been trying this because he is our first kid and he doesn’t know what TV is so he doesn’t know what he is missing.  Also we are probably overdoing it but isn’t that what we are supposed to do the first time around :) ??!

2) In a small space a 40 something inch TV feels really big.  I think it is a bit of an eyesore in our tiny living room.

3) We are planning to save up for a projector!  Our murphy bed actually makes for a great surface for a projector.  Hopefully this is something we can add to our place soon.  Movies and Game of Thrones on the big screen!

4) We haven’t had cable for years and we still have our laptops for Netflix and movies. With a toddler running around and Trevor and I working full time, we don’t get to watch movies and binge watch TV shows like we used to.

While I am happy with our decision to lose our TV, I can’t pretend for a moment that I don’t love TV.  TV is my escape and indulgence to turn off my busy mind.  I can’t help but get nostalgic for my favourite shows.  WIth clear eyes and a full heart, a list below of my most favourite shows of all time:

Friday Night Lights

The Wire

Game of Thrones

90210 (original series)

Mad Men

Freaks and Geeks

Gossip Girl



Misfits (first 2 seasons)

Saved by the Bell

The Wonder Years

Ok I could list more but I’ll STOP.  Here’s to new TV-less adventures.  We’ll be fine right?! Texas forever.