How to Have Lego in our Small Space


I am working on a longer post about freelance work and this season of motherhood but it's taking me a while to get my thoughts in order. So in the meantime I thought it would be easier to write a light post about Lego! We avoided Lego until this Christmas, Theo is almost 4 and a half so I think we've put off Lego as long as possible. He has seen it at friends' houses and has been asking for it for months. 

I've been reluctant to add Lego to our tiny home as I was sure I would be stepping on it everyday. I was also worried it would take up too much precious space but not be played with. I'm happy to say that we have managed to integrate Lego into our home without too much trouble and it's provided a great, quiet solo activity for our busy boy.  How we are managing Lego in our small space in a few short points....

One Lego Box - we got the Lego Creative box (pictured) on sale and added the couple of sets he got from friends and family to that same box. It's yellow and cute and sits high on a shelf out of the kid's reach. Currently Theo has to ask to play Lego so we can set up a safe area to do it or be present enough to make sure Mae isn't choking on it.

Where - We have found that he can play lego quietly on his top bunk alone or with a friend for a long time. This is so great in our small space because usually wherever he is, Mae is. And while I love that they are forced to get along and share because of our close quarters, it's a relief that he can play a more intricate game away from our little 1.5 year old wrecking ball.

When - We've made a habit of staggering bed times by about an hour. This gives Theo an hour each night to play with things that don't always work with a toddler around. We do puzzles or play lego. I think this one on one time with him is really special to him too. And I've even found building with him to be therapeutic for me! I swear Lego is going to be the new Adult colouring books.

Play Mat - I've seen a few smartly designed mats that drawstring up and store Lego. Considering that I don't want to add more things to our space I took a look at what I already owned and found my Gathre mat for picnics and beach trips that doesn't see alot of action in the winter and have been putting that out for Lego play. When it's time to clean up, I  fold it in half and pour the Lego back in the box (obviously I make the kids clean up too but sometimes I need to leave my house on time). I find the mat easier to clean up than our thicker pile rug that seems to eat lego. And the smooth light colour surface seems easier for Theo to build on too.

Simple and uncomplicated, Lego has been a great toy addition for our growing boy. At the same time the lego came in, we quietly packed up his trains one night, as he hadn't played with them in months. We've put them in a box in the closet just in case and maybe because I am not ready to let go of them just yet! I know his Lego collection will probably grow and not be as easily contained as it currently is but in this stage of our lives (a 4.5 year old and a 1.5 year old) and our small space, it feels like we passed some kind of big kid milestone.

Entertained for an hour on the  Gathre Mat  with his little box of Lego.

Entertained for an hour on the Gathre Mat with his little box of Lego.