Fewer Things

a stack of wonderful books off to a better home.

a stack of wonderful books off to a better home.

I've fallen off on documenting the things that leave our home.  I've decided I want to get back on this habit.  Anytime we purge our home, it is a deliberate act.  But the reasons behind why some things leave and some things stay are so varied.  I hope that by sharing our process of why we sell, donate or share items in our home I may see a pattern that prevents wasteful items coming in our home in the first place.  Or possibly start conversations here about what you find easy or difficult to part with.

It's also worth mentioning that while we donate many things we don't need, we also buy second hand.  The cycle of recycling and re-using well made items is a wonderful way to reduce waste and our impact on the environment. This is especially true for baby and kid items as so many are quality and hardly used before a baby/child outgrows them.  We visit thrift stores, shop craigslist and support wonderful shops like Companion Goods, Hey Jude Shop, and Boheme Goods

Over the past week or so the following items are leaving our space:


Sleep Sheep - doesn't play past 45 mins. Our air purifying fan is a better white noise machine for us. 

Duvet Cover - used for the rare guests that sleep on our couch.  Since we updated our duvet, our old duvet cover will now be used for overnight guests. We don't keep a spare sheet set or duvet and just wash and replace ours in the same day,

Toy Train - a kind gift that is no longer played with.  Too big for his train tracks.

Books - a stack of well loved fiction books that I always thought I would read again but haven't.  I think books should be read, loved and shared.  They are no good to anyone collecting dust on my shelf.


Lobster High Chair - We have converted the Stokke Tripp Trapp with a baby set for Mae, so Theo is just sitting on an adult chair for now... (hopefully until I can find another Tripp Trapp on Craigslist).  So we don't need the Lobster chair anymore.  We have found that when we travel, even short distances we like to pack as light as possible and the lobster never seems to make the cut.  So it has to go! Also I hate cleaning it.

Activity Gym/Play Mat - Baby girl is more interested in sitting and the exersaucer so the playmat is out of favour. No expecting friends need a play mat at the moment so posting on Craigslist for now but may just give away.


Baby Clothes - packed up a box of 0-9 month clothes for a girlfriend who just had her second baby girl.  We have been sharing clothes despite the new extra kilometres between us. She will pass these on to someone else when she is done.