A Promise Kept... European Vacation with 2 kids

We've booked a European vacation for just over 2 weeks in May. I am thrilled and nervous!! We are flying in and out of London but spending all of our time in Portugal.  We have only confirmed our flights so far but we are mapping out an itinerary that looks something like, 5 days in Lisbon and 4-5 days at two different spots along the coast.  

While we have travelled quite a bit with Theo in North America, we haven't taken any big trips with 2 kiddos in tow.  I would still consider us new to this parenting gig, but we have learned enough to know that with each stage, some things get easier and some things get harder. By the time we leave Theo will be over 3.5 years old and Mae 10 months old. I hope Mae will still be able to be carried and not walking, but I know these sort of things are out of our hands. We aren't naive about the challenges of travelling with kids so young but it will also be wonderful to see a new place through their fresh eyes. One of the reasons we live small and have simplified our possessions is so that we can have big adventures together as a family. 

I have been using great posts from The New Domestic and from Frolic Blog as my main guides so far.  If you have any other resources please send them my way! As we pack and plan I'll be sure to share our choices and lessons learned.  Beyond booking accommodations with kitchens, I am starting to think about how to pack as little as possible for 4 humans. I am also working on logistics like renting car seats, strollers and cribs.  Needless to say the research and anticipation is half the fun!