Thoughtful Corners of a Shared Kids Room

As I've been overanalyzing every corner of our small space to maximize its function, task lighting is on my mind.  The "shared kids room" has one very bright pendant light to fill the room with light for play.  In my hopes to move baby into the kids room as early as possible I thought that having a task light with a low wattage bulb to check on baby without disturbing Theo would be best.  I immediately thought of the beautiful hand-crafted lights by Cedar and Moss.  We already updated our bathroom fixture to their Theo Light (see previous post here) so I knew of the quality, style and wonderful customer experience (I know, I'm gushing).

This time I chose the Tilt Cone Sconce in Brass.  I loved that it is wall mounted but plugs in with a cord mounted switch. I mounted it just to the right of the bassinet and have already used it to peek in my closet while Theo is sleeping without waking him up (woohoo!).  So minus the crying baby factor I think this might work!  Now I just need the perfect wall hanging or mobile to complete this simple baby corner (I'm thinking something white of course ;) ).