Nesting Overdrive

As I write this barely able to see the keyboard over my belly, my nesting tendencies are not slowing down.  With this second pregnancy I feel the nesting urges started early and haven't lifted. I blame some of this on hormones but most of it on the reality that we are going to have two kids in 600sqft very soon.

I've been meaning to use the vertical space in the shared kids room more effectively for a while.  When Ikea came out with the Flisat shelves I thought they were the perfect solution and I patiently waited for them to be released in Canada.  But they never came!  Luckily our wonderful American friends picked them up for us on their way to visit.  (Update: Flisat Shelves available in Canada now)

The small kids room only has two usable walls, the third wall is our master closet behind curtains and the fourth is taken up with sliding doors.  So, as usual, space is at a premium and finding the balance between keeping open bright uncluttered spaces and functional use of space.  In this case, function wins out and we've created a vertical library displaying Theo's favourite books.  I hope to hold all his books here freeing up our single shelving unit for other toys and baby items (Shelf reorganization is on the list too!).