Best Gifts to Welcome New Babies

A friend, after having her second baby, said something that really stuck with me. While she was so appreciative of the bouquets of flowers she received after returning from the hospital, she instantly saw those flowers as another thing she had to care for and would ultimately fail at. Flowers need to go in a vase, the water needs to be changed and eventually the flowers need to be thrown out.  All small tasks but with a newborn at home these small tasks become overwhelming. After she made this astute point, I made a mental note to ensure that any gift I give a new mother will make her life easier. Food (and wine) is always a wonderful choice to bring new parents. But if you are looking for something more permanent, or baby shower appropriate, I have put together a list of my current favourite gifts for expecting moms and new babies.  

I'm excited to have a number of friends expecting this spring and summer so new baby gifts have been top of mind. I've left out practical gifts like thermometers and Nose Fridas and opted instead for beautiful yet useful items. As I put this list together I noticed that most of the items are not only locally made but made by women run small businesses . I am so inspired by women and mothers who design and create products that bring joy and ease to our lives.  And I consider it a great privilege that this blog has led me to meet some of these women in person or connect online.  

Tuk + Milo Linen Bear Rattle - Handmade and embroidered, 100% linen toys by the lovely Justine of Tuk and Milo.  Her crinkly eared, vegetable-dyed bunnies are equally adorable and something you can feel comfortable having your baby put in their mouth all day. The necks are the perfect size for babies to grasp and their modern and minimal aesthetic will fit in any stylish room.

Rain People Bonnet - I have bought Mae a bonnet for each size and season and have loved each and every one.  These beautiful handmade bonnets fit perfectly, protect baby's head and actually stay on.  Not to mention they are crazy cute. Designed and hand sewn by an inspiring mama on Vancouver Island.

Board Book - I often give one of our favourite books (see post here of our current favourites). Board books are particularly nice for a new baby as they can be read to babies in the early days when all they want to do is eat them. (pictured here Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton)

MiniMocs - The best baby shoe as they actually stay on.  I lost multiple pairs of socks and wasted time on many shoes before realizing Mini Mocs are the best.  Also they are from a wonderful local husband and wife run company.

Mini Dressing Fox Socks - I love these socks as they stay on and make any outfit cute (over tights in the winter and on bare legs in the summer). I put Mae in the 1-2 year socks from birth and they are growing with her.  Locally they are available at many shops including my favourite Much and Little or in the US at another favourite Shop Darling Clementine.

Connexion Baby Ring Sling - I find most people register or buy their main carrier like an ErgoBaby, so a sling or wrap is a great gift.  I love my sling for a number of reasons, it's smaller and easier to throw in the diaper bag, Mae loves being able to look around in it and falls asleep so easily. A ring sling or wrap (like Solly Baby) are a great addition especially in the early days when babies are light and want to be close to you always. Now that I've used the ring sling I don't know how I did without it the first time around. Handmade by a lovely mama in Ontario.

Alison Mazurek