The Last Nap


Well, the last nap in the Mini Crib anyway.  I certainly hope that it’s not his last nap!! At 2 years, one month and one week old we have decided to retire the mini crib.  We chose a mini crib back before we had a bedroom for Theo and thought he would be staying in our living room indefinitely.  We could have switched sooner when he moved into his own bedroom but Theo never complained and always seemed comfortable in his mini crib.  He is 33″ tall at this point and almost filling up the length of the mini crib.  

We couldn’t decide between a bigger crib and a toddler bed so we bought an Ikea Sniglar Crib where one of the sides come off to make a partial toddler bed. The Ikea Sniglar (the world’s most popular crib) is raw wood and very minimalist so the simplicity works for his small room.  

Funny how timing goes, the day after we bought his new crib Theo finally realized his was strong enough to climb out of his crib. We will see how this goes… So far I have woken up to a little monkey staring me in the face 2 nights in a row after he quietly climbs out of the crib!  But we are working on the understanding that just because he can get out of the crib doesn’t mean he should.  I’ll keep you posted…