Small Space Living with Kids: A Video by Article

During the video shoot. Photos by Article Couch : Solae  Rug:  Texa

During the video shoot. Photos by Article Couch: Solae Rug: Texa

Maybe you’ve heard that we updated our couch last year to an Article Modular Sofa (previous post here). We’ve been happy with it and have kept in touch with Article ever since. They recently asked if we would be willing to shoot a video in our space. Initially, I wanted to say no. It felt really vulnerable. Photoshoots, we have all become accustomed to but video?? That felt really intrusive. But everyone at Article is really lovely and enthusiastic and I have been trying to be more open to new things. So I said yes. And while I can’t say I wasn’t nervous, or didn’t have sweat forming under my bangs the entire shoot. I can say I’m happy I did it and stepped out of my comfort zone. And honestly once you get me talking about the benefits of living small I get pretty comfortable quickly. The team at Article was wonderful and helped me feel calm while also wearing batman masks to entertain the kids. They also let me talk about more than furniture. Thanks to Article for celebrating and normalizing small living and for making furniture that fits it.

Anyway you may be sick of seeing our space but here it is again in a movie, ha! Thanks especially to Ordo Creative for the incredible video work (incorrect term I’m sure but he’s super talented). And to Kendra and Sarah and the whole team at Article.

During the video shoot. Photos by Article

During the video shoot. Photos by Article