Road Trip!!


Recently I wrote about keeping a promise to ourselves to do one big plane trip before Theo turns two.  Well, life got in the way, I couldn’t get enough time off of work to make the long haul flight worth it.  We also realized that flying in high season to europe doesn’t really save us a lot of money even if Theo’s fare is free.

So we made a plan B and rented a VW Westfalia for a week and plan to road trip down the Coast to Oregon.  We have a campsite booked for the first few days and then we are going to wing it. 

While Trevor is an experienced camper (he once slept in an igloo overnight that he and his friends made! hardcore!), I am not. And neither of us is experienced in camping with a toddler so it will definitely be an adventure!  To be very honest, we have been having some power struggles with Theo lately, he is a very bright, energetic, strong-willed boy but that has led to some behaviour that we aren’t too pleased with (yelling and hitting).  We are hoping some time just the 3 of us on the beach and in the woods will be just what we need to reset and focus on Theo and his terrible two’s.  

We’ve also been considering swapping our small car for something that could double as a weekend getaway vehicle.  We are weighing the pros and cons of renting one a few times a year vs. owning one outright.  This trip will hopefully be a great way to test out van camping and see if it’s all we think it will be.

Hope you’ll follow along…

I’ll post our adventures oninstagramand share lessons learned back here.