Gifts for the Small Spacer


I’ve been thinking about gifts lately. As we are all trying to live with less things, especially those of us living in small spaces, gifts can become a problem.  In vancouver many of our friends live small so when you give them a gift it can be a bit awkward as they try to make a place for it in their space.  We have taken to asking for no Gifts at Theo’s birthday or christmas as we don’t have room and feel he has more than enough.

But I completely understand the desire to give and acknowledge important milestones and events.  My friend Erin mentioned a while back that she loves to give consumables as gifts.  Genius!!! Ever since she said that I have been looking for go-to gifts that can be eaten or drunk and don’t leave a permanent footprint on another’s space.  This brings me to my beautiful and talented friend Tina’s company Tarte Pop.  

Tina has perfected her pie crust recipe and uses the freshest local ingredients in her pies.  I am lucky enough to help taste test these pies often and they are seriously life-changing. A pie is a wonderful gift for a birthday, hostess or a new baby.  She bakes them weekly in her East Van kitchen, so message her to order.  Sorry no shipping available (yet!). Info here, here or message her on her Instagram.

A few other edible gifts I love to give are Coffee Beans from Revolver or Matchstick or Elysian, Amola Salt, and of course, wine!