Oh Tiny Tree

We bought our first Christmas Tree this weekend.  In the past I made an alternative tree, with clippings or drawing one on our chalkboard wall…anything that didn’t take up space.  This year with Theo being 16 months, he’s starting to notice sparkling lights, shiny decorations and red suits.  His excitement is a bit contagious.  

We ventured out on a rainy west coast Saturday and found a tree lot that donates all of the proceeds to charity (link here) which made us feel better about a cut tree.  

Now I can’t say that our tree fits easily in 600 square feet but I can say that the joy it brings Theo is totally worth the loss of space.  He literally oohs and ahhs every time he sees it.  Did I mention we only bought a 3’ tall tree ;) ??  Oh and the decorations lasted 24 hours before he had removed all of them…. maybe next year we will have a tree and decorations.