Keep it Real


Trying to keep it real in this virtual world where we all try and put our best aesthetic foot forward.  Small living though wonderful definitely has its trying moments.  In list form below please find the ugly and awkward of our small space:

- After Theo goes to bed there is at least an hour or two where we have no access to our clothes for fear of waking him up because our closet is in his room.

- If we try to pack for a trip at night, we have to rummage around in the dark of Theo’s room trying to find our clothes and suitcases (and risk waking him up)

- Our bathroom often doubles as our laundry room, with our drying rack in the tub

- Our stroller lives in the entry hallway and must be rolled out of the way to either open the hall closet or the pantry closet 

- Our linen closet holds among other things; linens, towels, tools, craft supplies, bags, laundry baskets and our vacuum.  It is the definition of multipurpose and not pretty!

That’s all i have for now but I when I notice more I will share again.