Interview with a Minimalist:

Danielle from the beautiful and inspiring blog and instagram -  Hippie in Disguise, asked me to answer some questions about life as a minimalist.  Of course I said yes, I was so honoured to be asked!! But then I got quite nervous… me, a minimalist?? Was I?  Who am I to speak with any authority on this topic?

I am most certainly not an expert or perfect at a minimalist lifestyle but while answering Danielle’s thoughtful questions I realized that I am a minimalist of sorts.  And most importantly she helped me realize, that I am an (amateur) minimalist by choice.

We choose to live small and we continue to make choices everyday to make it work.  And our minimalist choices have brought us more happiness and lightness to our life than we ever expected.  So we will keep heading down this minimalist path as long as it keeps serving us so well.

Click the heading above (or here) to read the whole post.  Thanks again to Danielle for giving me a moment’s pause to reflect on where this whole small space living has taken us so far.

Check out her wonderful blog here: Hippie in Disguise

Instagram here: Hippie in Disguise

Photos By // Danielle Chassin