DIY Geometric Side Table

On our tiny patio we have some lounge seats to have a few drinks outside with friends when Theo is in bed, or have somewhere to sit and blow bubbles with him when he’s awake.  We determined that trying to have a play space for Theo and a place to eat outside was not going to be possible. That left me on the hunt for a couple of side tables to hold drinks (or bubble bottles). I wanted something that didn’t take up a lot of space physically or visually, ideally a pedestal table.  But then I was at a dollar store in the suburbs and saw this basket and thought it would make a great small side table if I could add a top.  This little table cost under $20 and i’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  Plus the money I saved I can help put towards another Solair Chair!

Here’s how it came together!

I found this basket at the dollar store for $15!  Bonus that is was already black and I didn’t have to repaint it. 

I have too many cutting boards and cheese boards.  This is one that I love but spends too much time in the cupboard.  I thought this would be a better way to see this board more often.  If you don’t have an extra wood tray/board I was planning on getting a circle cut at Home Depot or picking a pre-made one up at Michael’s.

I picked up some hardware at home depot: wood screws and fasteners that aren’t perfect but 4 did the trick and secured the wood to the top.

I had some help…

So there it is. A sweet little geometric table.  Hopefully the dollar store still has some wire baskets so you can make one too!