The Perfect Towels for a Small Space


After 6 years of the standard fluffy bath towels we have finally found the dream towel for our small space.  

Trevor was given a beautiful waffle knit hand towel from Japan and we ended up fighting over it and washing it so many times but it still looked great.  When we found out they made bath towels as well, we were sold.  

These Kontex towels are super absorbent but dry quickly and most importantly they take about half the space of a traditional bath towel.  We chose a mix of the waffle style (link here

and Lana style (link here ) in different shades of grey.  

Beyond the fact that the towels are soft on your skin and have a small footprint in our space, I fell in love with the story that accompanies them.  They are made thoughtfully in Imabari, Japan on vintage looms using traditional weaving methods and minimal amounts of chemicals or processing.  

I am realizing the longer we live small, that the things we choose to have in our small space need to be functional, beautiful and conscious as much as possible.  These towels check off all three!

Kontex Towels //

DIY Shelf // Ikea Shelf // Brackets

Mountain Screenprint // Kari Kristensen