Count Your Blessings


I was reminded the other day by a wise woman of one of the benefits of living in a small space with a toddler… the fact that our space is small. Stay with me, I swear I’m going somewhere with this…

Life with toddlers is lots of trouble and tons of laughs all at once.  For Theo and I’m sure most toddlers, when you don’t hear anything you know that something bad is happening.  For us, in the last week silence has meant an entire bottle of soap was emptied on the counter, Dad’s sunglasses were in the toilet and a rug was covered in chalk.  Luckily our small space allows us to only ever be a few steps away from our little guy and therefore we are quick to notice trouble before it gets really out of hand.  In a small space it’s much easier to keep an eye on him and keep him safe.  

Also, since I’m so fond of him (understatement of the year) that I am happy to have him near me at all times.  Even if I need to remind myself to let him play quietly by himself whenever that magic happens!