Minimalist Greenery (and a toddler)

I have the great pleasure and honour to contribute to the inspiring, hilarious and heartfelt blog/website Peaks and Harbours. Peaks and Harbours is the brain child of dynamic working mothers and best friends Bree Galbraith and Carina Marie Nilsson, who I connected with over Instagram.  These inspiring women and mothers have brought together a group of talented diverse contributors to capture modern motherhood in Vancouver.  I am constantly in awe of what these women accomplish in a week and am grateful to contribute in any small way to their passion for this city and the amazing women in it.

I recently wrote an article about our plants for Peaks and Harbours (see it here) and I mentioned how Theo, (now 2) has been helping with caring for our house plants.  This morning I captured a few photos of him carefully watering “Peeps” and his new plant “Homey”.  I’m loving this weekly ritual and his focused attention on these plants.  He is such a BUSY boy so when an activity holds his attention and he works so hard to understand it and do it well, my heart can barely stand it. This little consistent act of helpfulnes makes me hopeful for the future of him contributing to our household.  Mind you while we water the plants I have to be sure the water actually gets in the plant and that he doesn’t smash and break the vase when he’s done (never a dull moment!).