Collect Moments, Not Things

With Christmas fast approaching it’s hard not to get wrapped up the spirit and go a little overboard on gifts.  It is so tempting to spoil our guy who we love so much and want to give the world. We are fortunate to have good jobs and a roof over our heads, so that our little guy wants for nothing.  But, this Christmas, Theodore’s second Christmas, we are focusing on collecting moments and memories rather than buying things.  Things that fill up our tiny space to the brim and are quickly discarded.  

In our efforts to make memories, we have visited The Stanley Park Christmas Train, Took a Ferry to see his beloved Grandma, rode another Christmas Train in Port Alberni on our weekend visit to Grandma, attempted stroller ice Skating, Christmas tree hunted and there are still 10 days to go!  We are going to surround Theo with all the friends and family that love him and while we realize that he won’t have actual memories at 1.5 years old, I believe the feelings that come from all of these adventures and events are so important for his growth.  And we can always show him the photos ;)