Clutter Free

Clutter can make any space feel smaller but in an already tiny space like ours it can actually effect my mood and peace of mind.  We have focused on a few areas that have really helped.  The first is books.  I looove books and have an emotional attachment to almost any book I have read.  My husband likewise hoards reference books and text books like his life depends on their information.  Together our small apartment was starting to look like a library which while beautiful, really worked against our attempts to live un-cluttered and use our space most effectively.

So we ruthlessly edited and donated our book collection leaving only the shelf above our kitchen cabinets and our floating bedside bookshelves.  It was the best thing for us and our little space.  We’ve since been taking advantage of our local library which is only 2 blocks from our house (another benefit of city living)!  Turns out the library saves money too, who knew ?!