A Dining Table


I know a dining table seems like something you would expect to find in any home but after many years of living together (always in small spaces), this is the first dining table that Trevor and I have ever owned.  A dining table always seemed like something we were willing to live without until our baby suddenly became a little person with opinions and a good throwing arm.  We realized that sitting down to dinner as a family was something we didn’t want to sacrifice just because we lived small.  

So here we are 2 weeks in with a dining table.  And I won’t lie, I almost cried when we sat down for our first meal together as a little family.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off but right now this table and chairs feels like such a luxury.

The table was an especially lucky find on Craigslist, the previous owners had taken such care of this thin legged white oak extending dining table in the exact dimensions we needed (33.5"w x 55"l x 72" extended).  They said it was originally from Design WIthin Reach and I believe them.  It is so beautiful and well-made with the leaf cleverly hidden beneath the top.

So far we have 4 chairs and are considering 2 more for guests. Two vintage finnish chairs and two Hay About a Chairs.  I am so happy with both but the Hay chairs have a special place in my heart.  And they are so comfortable!

HayAbout a Chair (white and soaped white oak // Inform Interiors

White Vintage Chairs // Craigslist  

White Oak Extension Table // Craigslist