Dining in a Small Space


I honestly cannot express how happy I am with having this beautiful white oak dining table in our home.  We had an impromptu small dinner party this past weekend and I couldn’t be happier about being able to sit down for a long meal with great friends.

I thought I should mention the logistics of having a dinner party in a small space with a toddler sleeping a few feet away.  We credit this actuality to wise friends who recommended when Theo was a newborn, that we have him sleep with a certain amount of light and noise.  So we listened to them and always had some lights on, music or a movie playing, so he learned that it is normal to sleep with some background noise.  Since then he has been able to sleep through most things.  This is not to say he is a perfect sleeper or that we haven’t had many interrupted nights because of new teeth or tummy aches or flus, but it is to say that we can still entertain small groups with our babe in our small space.