Dreamy Multi-functional Furniture

I am currently on the hunt for a small side table for our living room to replace our large wooden sculptural one.  Our current table, while unique and beautiful is too big.  It measures about 1'w x 2'l x 18" tall and it is heavy.  We need a table that allows light to pass through to make the space appear larger and also a smaller horizontal surface (see previous rant here) to collect less things. I really only need the table to hold a drink and a book.

Then this table came across my screen and I fell for it.  Of course it's by Menu (link here) and way out of my budget.  Not only is it beautiful and simple it is wonderfully functional.  It flips over to create a tray (a helpful deterrent for toddlers and babies) and then when I thought it did enough, it transforms into a stool!  With our extending dining table for dinners with friends, we are often short a chair.  This small modern table solves two problems at once.

So needless to say, my search for a side table is over but I need some time to save up $$$.  Unless any readers have come across something as pretty and functional? Let me know!