In these hazy, blurry first few weeks with a newborn I am trying to stay aware and present enough to notice what is and isn't working in our small space.  I am giving myself the forgiveness and grace to not fix anything immediately but I'm grateful this space on the internet helps to focus my fleeting thoughts.  I hadn't started writing about living small with babies until Theo was a year so much of my thoughts about that newborn period was shared through the lens of time passed.  This time around I want to share with you what I am finding/feeling as it is happening.

So.... 4 weeks in here is what is working for us:

Our Stroller - (See the set up Here)
Solly Baby Wrap - Great for carrying a newborn and for C-section Recovery
Bassinet beside our bed at night  - safe out of Theo's reach and kisses. So far newborn cries have not woken Theo or Trevor despite our close quarters
Nuna Leaf Chair - (See more here)
Portable Change Pad - (See more here)

Here is what isn't working:

Stubbed Toes - With the baby chair and bassinet added to the space, they need to be tucked away or toes get hurt, mostly Theo's because he doesn't watch where he is walking.  Only one baby item can be in the living room at a time. The other has to be tucked in the bedroom. This proved difficult the first couple of weeks recovering from my C-section but now it is easier.

Laundry - I laugh that I spent so much time getting our laundry down to once a week  (previous post here) before baby arrived, because now we are doing laundry almost everyday.  The only lessons I can still apply are putting the laundry away as fast as possible and minimizing wardrobes.

Clutter - I am finding the house a bit cluttered, between Theo's toys, bottles and baby stuff I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by things.  I'm not sure if the bigger issue is just that in these first few weeks of cluster feeding and adjusting to a family of 4 cleaning house is a challenge. I am going to check back in on this.  I also picked up Simplicity Parenting from the library so will see what I learn from it.