Packing for the Hospital

600sqftandababy_mama_things hospital bag

You would think I know how to do this... pack for the hospital.  But as I lay out the items on the living room floor I realize I didn't do a great job packing the first time around and here I am again questioning what to bring and what to leave behind.  With Theo we were unexpectedly in the hospital with complications for 5 Days! We definitely were not prepared for 5 days in the hospital.  I remember wishing we had brought a blanket big enough to swaddle him, a soother and more clothes for him and me.  So this time I hope to be a bit more prepared.  

To Pack:

1-2 Muslin Swaddles (Pictured: Little Unicorn)
Pajamas (Pictured: Jcrew)
Shirt with buttons or easy access for breastfeeding
Bathroom Bag for you (Pictured: Best Natural Deodorant by K'Pure Naturals)
Soother (Pictured: Natursutten)
2- 3 Newborn outfits for baby, preferrably sleepers or short sleeve onesies
Baby Hat (Favourite: Mini Mioche) I need to find mine from when Theo was a newborn! ack!