Life without a TV in 600sqft

We chose to lose our TV back in December (Older Post Here) and I can honestly say it was a great decision for us.  Way before we had a toddler and a baby on the way, Trevor and I lived in this same apartment but it somehow felt smaller than it does today.  I think this is because we were less thoughtful with our space and less strict in editing our things.  For example we had an entire DJ set up in our dining room, as Trevor was a recreational DJ.  I know our friends were sick of my moaning about how much space the set up took up compared to how much he played the turntables.  Finally when we were expecting Theo, Trevor agreed to store the turntables in my Dad's basement.

I feel like we are having a full circle moment... note in the photo a vintage record player (Trevor's Dad's in fact) we refurbished and set up in place of the TV.  The sound is so lovely and has already resulted in some family dance parties.  We will need to keep records to a minimum but I don't doubt we can handle that restriction.

As for missing the TV?  We still watch movies and shows on our laptops and Ipads and tuck them inside our teak cabinet when not in use.  I prefer not having the TV as a constant reminder for Theo of shows he would like to watch.  His reality is that he needs to ask for us to set up the ipad with Netflix with a show for him.  I love this control over his screen time. One day we would love to have a projector for movies but until that day we are happy with our choice and without the distraction of TV in our small space.