Alone Time in a Small Space


A friend recently asked how Trevor and I manage "getting space" or alone time in our home. Such a fair question and something I never really think about because I am so used to our living situation.  We have been together for many years and know each other too well sometimes.  So we usually know when one of us needs some quiet time or alone time.  We often will call each other out on it before we even have a chance to realize it ourselves.  I'll often tell Trevor to go for a run, to the gym or out for a beer with a buddy when I know he's feeling cramped or caged.

I usually need to zone out and watch bad TV or go on the computer with headphones to get my alone time.  The main change with having a kid is that you don't get alone time until after the kid goes to bed.  More than anything I think honesty is important.  We are brutally honest about what we need.  We have to be or I don't think we would survive small living.  There's no room in 600sqft for 2 adults, a toddler and unsaid things that build resentment.