Sharing a Kid's Room in 600sqft (Part 4)

As the arrival of baby #2 is fast approaching I realize that having the perfect long term set up for 2 kids is not necessary the moment baby arrives.  Right now we have Theo successfully in his toddler bed (a converted Ikea Sniglar Crib) and a perfect Monte Rockwell Bassinet for baby.  This layout should last 4-6 months before we need to consider alternative arrangements.  So this buys me some time to keep looking for the perfect shared room set up (or we throw in the towel and move after 6 months!! Kidding! Where's the fun in that?).

A dream option is the Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed in white and birch.  I love the clean modern design.  I've seen this bed all over Pinterest and some stylish homes I admire on Instagram.  It also comes in Toddler or Twin size.  If I was to go for this option I think I would go with the toddler size to get the most extra play space out of the small room we have, even though it would mean getting less longevity out of the bunk bed.

But I'll keep mulling this over for the next 6-8 months ;)  

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