Rational and Irrational Fears of Living Small

At 24 weeks pregnant and counting with our second child, running after a busy 2.5 year old and working full-time I am having moments of panic over the arrival of Baby #2.  I hope that by sharing my fears here it can help if you are having similar fears.  My current fears in no particular order are:

- neither child will be able to sleep and constantly wake each other up

- we will be overrun by toys of every stage of development

- where will we put all the clothes?!

- exersaucer!! (ugh)

 - laundry and dishes taking over

- how to get a toddler and a baby out the door to accomplish anything in a day

- will no friends ever visit again or invite us anywhere with 2 kids in tow?

When I look a this list, my fears seem smaller and more manageable than they are in my head. They also seem more to do with the reality of two children under a certain age rather than issues with a small space.  While I can't really know ALL that we are in for with 2 kids, I can minimize some of these concerns with the same tactics we've used to enjoy 600 square feet with 3 people.  

- Own fewer but better things. Continue editing all of our closets and invest in better pieces that last. 

- Be relentless in swapping and storing seasonal clothes and outgrown clothes, especially for the kids. 

- Remembering that each phase is just that, a phase.  The exersaucer will be gone before I know it. Same with the baby chair.  Use what you need to get by and then get rid of it.

- Limit toys, trade with friends and donate, donate, donate

- Sleep train with noise and light 

- Get Outside, no matter how overwhelming it seems at the time. You won't regret it.

- Consider a laundry schedule so the house doesn't feel overrun with laundry constantly

I hope to expand on some of these thoughts and ideas as we prepare for baby 2. Hopefully properly setting up the shared room will help me wrap my head around some of it. I also find the act of nesting always calms some of my late night overanalyzing.

How do you live with 2 little ones (or more!) without feeling overwhelmed by things??  I'm sure it is overwhelming at times whether you live in a large or small space but any tips or tricks are so welcome!