Prepping for Christmas in a Small Space

Minimal Wreath Inspiration from  Laura Melling  and  Botany + Co .

Minimal Wreath Inspiration from Laura Melling and Botany + Co.

I like to think that our shying away from a big christmas has more to do with our minimalist leanings and thoughtful consumerism than just our lack of space. Sometimes it's a chicken or egg scenario.  Are we like this because of our space or are we in this space because we are like this?  Regardless, we love Christmas just as much as anyone and can't wait to celebrate all December but for us it doesn't involve a huge amount of presents.  Instead, like many others we focus on experiences and memories rather than material things. 

We will be sure to have a few gifts under the tree for Theo but we want those gifts to be special, thoughtful and not be lost in a sea of gifts.  We've been talking to him about Santa and what couple of gifts he would like to ask for (more trains of course).  We are looking for gifts that will encourage imaginative play. On our radar right now is a teepee or play tent, some kind of craft table, or a kitchen.  We definitely don't have room for all three so we are trying to determine what he will play with most.  We also decided as a family to buy a pass to the Aquarium as part of our Christmas gifts.  This is a gift that will keep giving all year and create memories.  

With Mae only reaching 5.5 months old at Christmas we won't have any gifts for her.  Though I did buy her a new handmade bonnet while #shoppingsmall this week and may save it for Christmas for my own amusement.  Trevor and I generally forgo Christmas gifts and instead are putting any extra funds towards a hopeful Spring trip.

As for experiences, I came across a wonderful list of local Christmas activities by lovely Vancouver blogger Paper Blue Jay here is the link. I love that she has added free options too!  A couple more that I would add are:

Yuel Duel in Gastown Dec 1st starts at 6pm
Website for more info

Marche St George Santa Photos
Watch their Instagram for Dates Here

Enchant Christmas Maze 1st ave and Crowe
Website for more info 

I know these sources are only for the Lower Mainland of Vancouver but for those living in other cities or towns, I'm sure there are similar Christmas activities.  The main point is to get out of your routine and make some Christmas magic with family and friends.  Spending less time fighting crowds in malls and more time together.