Small Bathroom Solution

I know, I know, this is a terrible picture of a toilet, our toilet (and our bathmat that I am so tired of), but I have a reason! I have to share this genius small space solution from my friend Wendy. She found this compact rectangular garbage bin that fits in the space between most toilets and cabinets.  I noticed it at her beautifully designed small apartment she shares with her husband and 3 yr old daughter and I couldn't help but copy.  We small spacers must share all our best solutions, right?? 

We previously had a small circular bin (approx 12" diameter) that sat out in our narrow washroom taking up very valuable space.  Most recently, Theo had taken to smashing the magnet of his Thomas the train on the garbage bin while he hangs out on his potty leaving it in terrible condition.  Since we switched to the rectangular bin we gained space, reduced visual clutter and removed a distraction from our toddler. This particular bin is by Simple Human and was found at our local organization store ( Same Bin Here).  I didn't shop around for the best price because I was too excited to stop the daily train smashing. Anyway, had to share.