The Hunt for the Perfect Bassinet

With another baby on the way in our small space my first plan is to start with a bassinet.  I never used a bassinet with Theo as I thought they were an unnecessary extra.  With Theo, we went straight to the mini crib the day we got home from the hospital.  This time I want to start with a bassinet with the hope that we can use it as long as possible.  This is an assumption based on the fact that our firstborn was not too big (7lbs 6 oz) and didn't grow super quickly.  Considering how this pregnancy has gone (nothing like the first) I should not be making any assumptions based on the first time around but I will keep heading in this direction anyway ;).

I have been combing the internet for bassinet inspiration.  I would like ours to be somewhat portable but most importantly it needs to be beautiful as it will often be out in view.  My thoughts are that we will keep the bassinet near our bed at night and share a corner of Theo's bedroom in the day. 

Unfortunately my taste does not run cheap.  See below for my top picks so far.  If you have any other suggestions or tips please let me know!