You Don't Need This For  A Newborn

I wrote a while back (link here) about how you don’t need as much as you think you need for a Newborn.  A small space makes it easier to choose less things but I believe everyone could do with a few less baby items.  Here is a list of baby items I really believe you can do without.

Wipe Warmer - A wipe warmer is something you can do by rubbing your hands together on a wipe.  I really believe a wipe warmer is such an unnecessary item that requires power and takes up space.

Rocking Chair - A rocking chair is a lovely item to have for a newborn but not at all a necessity.  As long as you have a comfortable place to sit with a baby and nurse or cuddle then you are set.  We have a couch and an occasional chair and both have done the trick for us.

Bottle Warmer - This electric appliance sets bottle temperatures to a perfect rate.  I like to think if you don’t offer your baby warm milk then they don’t become accustomed to it.  This allows you to offer your baby a bottle on the go without worrying that it is not the perfect temperature.  Making your life more portable and clutter free. (disclaimer: I have only had success with this technique with one child.)

Change Table - I used to think we were missing out by not having a change table.  We make-shifted a hanging one in the crib when Theo was small but as he grew and became more mobile we ended up using a travel change pad (like this) that was easily tucked away when not in use.  

Baby Laundry Detergent - special (expensive) laundry detergent in tiny bottles is not required.  Instead an environmentally friendly detergent that the whole family can use (ideally in family size) is a better choice and saves money and space while still being safe and soft for baby.

Shoes - newborns do not need shoes, I promise.  They need warm feet but they don’t need shoes.  One pair of slippers like these (Booties) or these (Slip-ons) is all you need (depending on the season). Or even just socks.  You don’t need shoes until they are actually walking so save your money and return the ones you get as gifts ;).


(Leetle Chicken Booties)

Blankets - You most certainly need blankets but you don’t need as many as you think.  A couple of swaddles like these from Aiden and Anais and 2 warm blankets (one for the stroller) and one for the crib) are all you need.  I have a basket of extra blankets I have never touched in over 2 years.