Why Write about Small Living?


Lately I’ve received some negative feedback on our choice to live in our small space. Now I realize this feedback is from people who don’t know us, our lifestyle or our space. They just know that 3 people live in 600sqft and assume it must be un-livable. But it’s made me question why, as such a private person I put our life out there on the Internet to be judged. For me it comes back to sharing lessons learned or even lessons in process. In this age where we share so much of our lives online I have been so lucky to follow and learn from others I admire as they became parents. Websites like Cup of Jo, Oh Joy, Hither and Thither helped me navigate pregnancy and new motherhood. Their willingness to share their joys and struggles shed light on modern parenting, that I knew very little about.

When we first thought of living small I read everything I could find about the ups and downs of living small with a baby or toddler. I didn’t know if it would work for us. We are not always the tidiest people and we are not perfect minimalists. Could ordinary imperfect people live in a small space and not go crazy? I don’t pretend to think we are the only family living in a small space and I certainly know there are others living smaller and with more kids. But I thought if I was hunting to see if this way of living was possible then others may be too. Likewise, if I’m expecting people to open their homes and lives so I can understand more then maybe I should expect that from myself. So I decided to start sharing what I live and learn as we share this small space together. I hope our attempts, struggles and small successes to live thoughtfully with less things and less space may help someone else do the same in their own way. I find sharing our small space online pushes me to be better. Like sitting down with a good friend and sharing your goals every year (Hi Tina Lau!). This space on the internet keeps me accountable to myself and my family.  So if you are reading and liking or hating…. Thanks.